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The Storage + Care Concept.

To us -- and to you -- cars are not appliances. They are works of art. But unlike a painting, they titillate many more senses - visual, aural, tactile, smell. They represent history -- both of a culture, and perhaps parts of your life. They are the metal and rubber manifestation of thousands of hours of iconic designers, teams of engineers, scores of craftsman, and relationships with all the drivers and caretakers throughout its life. In short, they are art that is driven.

To maintain the highest level of experience with your classic car, a higher level of continual care is required. Time is the most critical resource we have -- and unlike water or air, it cannot be recovered. At The Driven Art, we eliminate the most onerous aspects of classic car ownership so you can spend more time in enjoyment, in experience. Our mission is to preserve classic cars, not so they can sit in storage and look pretty -- but so they can actually be used as intended on the road, and on the track.

Secure, indoor, climate-controlled storage.

  • ‚ÄčWeekly Start-up
  • Fuel Maintenance -- Storage & Performance Additives
  • Battery Maintenance -- Constant Trickle Charge
  • Tire Maintenance - No flat spots or sidewall cracking
  • Detailing: Exterior hand wash -- Wheel, chrome & weatherstrip care -- Interior cleaning and conditioning
  • Concierge: Round-Trip In-Town "White Glove" Transport

         ...To the specialty shop of your choice ...or for dinner with your wife Saturday night.

         ...Non-running, low-clearance ... no problem!   

  • Pre-Concierge Safety Check: Tires -- Brakes -- Steering -- Lug Nuts -- Lights

TDA uses Lucas fuel additives and Pure Water demineralized water.


VALUE. Documented, professional storage and maintenance increases your vehicle's resale value. Just ask The Driven Art's consignment customers.  Or CNN. Or Investopedia.

SIMPLIFICATION.  Older, rarely-driven vehicles are a hassle to upkeep.  The Driven Art takes care of the details and provides clients their classic cars on-demand, road-ready.

PEACE OF MIND.Valuable cars are a personal security issue. The Driven Art keeps these investments in a safe, discrete location with continual, proper care.

TIME- THE NON-RENEWABLE RESOURCE. What is your time worth? Would you rather spend time and frustration sporadically attempting to get your classic looking and running right... or would you rather spend that valuable, finite time experiencing your investment on the road or track?